Sometimes you just need an extra boost…or chocolate.

And nothing says pick-me-up quite like our chocolate protein bites. Made with less than 5 ingredients, they’re the perfect pre-workout snack.

They’re supercharged with brain-boosting benefits from lion’s mane mushrooms. And the cordyceps, AKA an athlete’s best friend, are great for muscle fatigue and endurance.

Not to mention they taste just like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

The best part? They come together in only 5 minutes and they can be enjoyed throughout the week.



  • 2 tbsp Chocolate Whey or Vegan Powder
  • 1 cup pitted dates
  • ½ cup almonds
  • ½ cup rolled oats
  • ground cinnamon, shredded coconut (optional)


  1. Line a baking pan with parchment paper.
  2. Place all of the ingredients in a high-speed blender or food processor and blend until you’re left with a sticky mixture.
  3. Spoon the mixture into the baking pan and press down evenly. Alternatively, roll into bite-sized balls and roll them in shredded coconut, if desired.
  4. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours before cutting into squares.
  5. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Weight Loss: Too Much Cardio Can Hinder Your Goals

Weight loss



When you think of the best exercise for weight loss what comes to mind? For many people, the answer is cardio. The reality is that doing too much cardio can actually hinder your weight loss goals. There is so much misinformation out there about how to properly workout for weight loss that many people work diligently to lose weight and get disappointing results. Understanding what cardio can do for you, why too much cardio can hinder your weight loss goals, and how to find the right balance with cardio is important if you want to choose a workout plan that will move you toward your weight loss goals.

What cardio can do for you

Cardio, in its various forms, is popular among people who want to lose weight. When you strap on your step/calorie tracker it is cardio that shows the highest calorie burn. And, since a big part of successfully losing weight is burning calories, it seems logical to increase cardio to lose weight. This approach will work temporarily. In the beginning of your weight loss journey, your body will likely respond quickly to increased cardio. Cardio is also an important part of your heart health and overall wellbeing. Getting in some type of cardio every day can provide you with important benefits but when it comes to weight loss, cardio has its limits. If a little bit of cardio at the beginning of your weight loss journey can burn a significant number of calories, then what can a lot of cardio do? The reality is that the calorie burning effect of cardio will start to change as your fitness level improves. There is a point with cardio in which you will start to see diminishing returns. If you are trying to lose weight, more cardio is not necessarily better.

Why too much cardio can hinder your weight loss goals

It is important for everyone to include some cardio into their lives. You can get your cardio in at the gym or commit to being more active throughout the day – take a walk after lunch, kick the soccer ball around with your kids, park farther out in parking lots, etc. If you choose to put in focused cardio sessions at the gym or outside, it is important that you do not do too much cardio. You may see quick results from cardio in the beginning of your weight loss journey but those results will quickly slow down and eventually plateau. If you respond to the slowed results by continually adding in more and more cardio you may get to a point where you are sabotaging your weight loss. This happens because your body adapts to the cardio you are doing. How far could you walk or run that first day? How difficult was it for you? If you are consistent with your training you will be able to go longer and farther with less effort. Your body is adapting. Doing too much cardio can signal to your body that it needs to start conserving energy. That means that your metabolism will slow down. This is the opposite of what you want to happen if your goal is to lose weight!

How to find the right balance with cardio

Cardio is important but too much cardio will hinder your weight loss. How do you know how much is too much? You can find the right balance when it comes to cardio but it will take some effort. You need to find the right balance of cardio for your body. Getting in non-exercise thermogenic activity (NEAT) is important to do every day – one way to fit in NEAT is to set a step goal. If you want to include more focused cardio into your workout plan, you will need to keep close tabs on your results to ensure that you do not overdo it with cardio. If weight loss is your goal, use your progress to help you determine if you are doing too much cardio. A plateau may mean that you are off track with your eating or that your body is adapting to the amount of cardio you are doing. If you make strength training the primary focus of your exercise sessions it can help you avoid sabotaging your efforts with too much cardio.

There is a place in your workout for cardio but it should never be the primary focus. If you are ready to find a program that will help you consistently move toward your weight loss goals then schedule a Free Goal Setting Session with 4Balance Fitness.

WOD 4.11

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WOD 4.10

When you get into a good rhythm at the gym, it can be challenging to keep momentum during periods when you cannot be in the gym.  With the holiday season quickly approaching (I saw Christmas lights at Target already….) here are 10 workouts you can crush at home, your parents, in-laws…wherever the wind takes you!

  1. 10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

20 double unders/40 singles

100m run


  1.  10 rounds

5 burpees

10 push-ups

15 squats

  1.  2 rounds

50 squats

50 situps

40 double unders/80 singles

40 lunges

30 push-ups

30 double unders/singles


  1.  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1




  1.  12 minute amrap

200m run

15 squats

15 push-ups


  1.  7 min burpees


  1.   4 rounds

20 squats

15 push-ups

1 v-ups


  1.  4 rounds

1 min each

Shuttle run



1 min rest at the end of each round



  1.  14m AMRAP

22 lunges

10 push-ups

15 sit-ups


  1.  20 push-ups

40 burpees

20 squats

30 burpees

20 lunges (Left+Right=1 lunge)

20 burpees

20 broad jumps

10 burpees


Looking forward to cooler weather and sweatpants,